• State of California, Franchise Tax Board, Integrated Non-Compliance Project (INC), partnered with IBM and Synergy, Inc.

    IBM helped the State of California Franchise Tax Board develop custom software to more accurately and sensibly track deadbeat taxpayers. I was contracted to define key concepts with graphics and animation, using my favorite product Macromedia Flash (along with another product that I'll use if I get paid, Macromedia Authorware). I was delighted to find a creative and inventive training crew there. This was especially pleasing, since the most memorable event in my history with the FTB up to that time had been going to the Musicians' Union in Hollywood to pick up a check of several hundred dollars. I paid my dozens of dollars of dues, and got a check for a dollar, along with a note from the FTB saying that based on my previous year's return, they figured I owed a few thousand dollars. As soon as I filed and paid that, they said I could have my several hundred. Ducky.

So here's an out-take from my work at FTB. The request was to make a graphic of filing enforcement, a customer and an FTB person on the phone. As you can see, I did a little cartoon of such. Now roll over her telephone.

They got a big laugh at FTB, but somehow it didn't make the final cut.

Other animations for the FTB are in the animation pages.

  • IT Training, Intel Corporation; InfoPros: HRT Associates


    Intel had contacted Joan Zeglarski of HRT Associates to develop a web-based training program for their new hires. She had a brilliant idea of an adventure through a land peopled with castles, spaceships, and robots. The hero of the adventure is a high-tech warrior named Tecnox, accompanied by his trusty Technosteed.

    Flash was the obvious choice for development platform, so Joan—of course—called me. Dan Riordan came on as Project Manager and we began a series of animated development meetings, scrawling out rough storyboards and gesturing wildly while acting out adventures.We just had a blast doing this project. The product, at this writing, is currently in use for all new hires at Intel.

    Unfortunately, I can’t show you the finished product, but here's one I created for this page showing Tecnox and his Technosteed. Slightly different poses with mouse over and mouse click.


  • Customer Support Business Unit, Support Technology Lab, Information Engineering, Hewlett Packard

    Using Macromedia products Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, I developed computer-based training for tech support personnel at for Hewlet Packard in thirty-five countries deliverable on PCs and Unix boxes. I developed and edited courseware and created animations clarifying key concepts. It was 1999, and I introduced the Roseville campus to Macromedia Flash.

  • Knowledgen, Inc.

    Using Macromedia Director, I worked as part of a team creating an intricate application interface under a tight deadline. The project was succesful, and Knowledgen secured a lucrative contract with a Fortune®100 company.

  • IT Training, Intel Corporation

    Using Macromedia products Authorware and Flash, I developed computer-based training for tech support personnel at Intel's Technical Assistance Centers in five countries. I developed courseware and created animations to clarify key concepts. It was 1998, and I introduced IT Training at the Folsom campus to Macromedia Flash. Fortunately, now, Flash doesn’t need that kind of introduction. A couple of short animations from that project are in the animation section.

  • Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Explorit Science Center

    Produced the two hour long multimedia centerpiece for the UC Davis Explorit Science Center’s Corporate Science Challenge on behalf of Apple Computer. Met with the clients to define the scope of the project; developed a project time line; reviewed the previous year's presentation and recommended and implemented improvements; contracted, acquired, and edited video footage; assembled all the questions, answers, videos, sounds, and music into a seamless linear presentation. As an example, one of the features developed was the ability to periodically scroll competing team scores across the screen within a minute of receiving tab-delimited text from an Excel spreadsheet.

    The Explorit Science Center's Corporate Science Challenge is an annual fund raising event held at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento. This year, it was attended by 37 corporations from the region. The format is that of a game show, and each corporation competes in answering science questions narrated by either the master of ceremonies or on-screen celebrities such as Emmy Lou Harris and Steve Wozniak.

  • Macromedia, Inc.
    I got to be a teaching assistant for hands-on training sessions at the Macromedia Worldwide User Conference, Moscone Hall, San Francisco. Learned a lot.

  • Lippincott-Raven, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Healthcare Information Services, Sacramento, California

I acted as both Human Interface Consultant and Developer/Programmer for the award-winning CD-ROM Your Pregnancy--The Complete Interactive Guide.. Working closely with Lauri Hafvenstein and Kevin Taylor, I created the introductory grand tour module of the CD.

  • General Training Company, Rancho Cordova, California

    Working with Andy Mileusnic of Sunrise Digital, and Craig Witter of General Training Company, I developed a CD-ROM-based presentation module for a major food manufacturer, allowing the user to choose from a catalog of images, narration, and full-screen full-motion digital video, and customizing the presentation on the fly, as needed.

  • Foundation Health, Rancho Cordova, California

I completed the Foundation Health Kiosk Pilot Project. I refined and programmed the interface, created and edited graphics, wrote documentation, and provided on-site support.

Using the kiosk, Foundation Health members are able to do a virtual interview of all the doctors at the facility. They are anabled at any time to choose or change their Primary Care Physician, using the keyboard on the touch screen.

  • Brad Evans Real Estate Loans, Grass Valley, California

    I designed an implemented the interface metaphor of a western town for Brad Evans Real Estate Loans in Grass Valley. The kiosk offers the user the ability to apply for a loan, view house plans, view real estate for sale, and view animated ads from local businesses in related fields. Loan applications are faxed to Brad Evans' office from the kiosk.

  • Sacramento Kings, Sacramento, California

"Pete Grant designed the graphics used in the database which provided an immediate acceptance on the part of the Kings staffers who are using the database."—Lee Hinde, CEO, hd industries

  • Caltrans Headquarters, Sacramento, California

In 1994 and 1995, I got a chance to demystify multimedia for the Caltrans Graphics Department. I trained staff in Macromedia Director, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and helped them strengthen basic computer knowledge and skills.

"Pete is friendly, courteous, cheerful, and knowledgeable. He is a great asset to us at Caltrans."—Steve Brooks, Caltrans Graphics Department

  • Sierra College, Rocklin California

During 1992 and 1993, I sharpened my skills while lecturing classes on interactive multimedia, and training the staff of the Sierra College Graphics Department.

"Besides training and inspiring us in multimedia, Pete designed the prototype multimedia presentation for Sierra College that really got us going."— Terry Taplin, Sierra College Graphics Department

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