It was great fun working with the training crew at the State of California Franchise Tax Board. The project was to help them develop easy-to-use engaging software (both standalone and Web-based) to train hundreds of employees in the use of a new multi-million dollar software suite used for tracking and responsibly handling those who haven’t filed their state income tax. It is called the Integrated Non-Filer Compliance Project, or ‘INC Project’.

I was one of three contractors hired to lend our skills to the crew. Steve Norris, Mike Zeglarski, and I helped them develop the overall concept of the training software itself and trained them in the use of Authorware and Flash.

We developed an adventure game set in various places around the globe. This was a quest filled with information and followed by tests, with a prize at the end for all the correct answers.

We’d come up with a location for each lesson, figure out fun things to do with it, then get to work. Steve would coordinate the project; Mike would capably do the storyboards. He and Steve would put the structure together in Authorware. (We could have actually done this one all in Flash, but the ball was already rolling). Steve developed the background images for the main screen of each lesson. I’d get to come up with a new INC logo for each location, and Steve and Mike would request of me different graphics and animations based on their key concepts. We’d all brainstorm on what the prize could be. Many had dreadful puns based on ‘INC’. All through the process, we’d get imaginative suggestions from the FTB Training staff.


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